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Victory Learning Center's Covid-19 Response Guide:

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

As our center begins taking steps towards our official re-opening on July 9th we wanted to lay out what steps we will be taking to ensure the safety of our staff and students.

For our staff:

We will be providing personal face guards, masks, and gloves to all staff members upon entering the center. In addition, we will be testing the temperature of each staff member and student upon arrival for their tutoring sessions, only those who do not present with a fever will be allowed inside.

For our students:

We will be limiting our class sizes to two students per tutor, this will ensure that all staff and students will be able to remain socially distant from one another, limiting the spread of the virus. We have also taken steps to close our indoor waiting area in order to turn it in to an addition classroom to provide more distance between groups of students. Due to this we will now be setting up an outdoor waiting area for our students and family members to wait before their sessions begin. Finally, all shared materials will be disinfected before given to another student to lower the risk of cross-contamination!

For our center:

At the beginning of each day and between each hourly session our staff will be disinfecting all surfaces throughout the center. In addition, we ask that all students bring personal supplies, this includes supplies like pencils and erasers! We will also be setting up sneeze guards in each of our tutoring stations to cut down on any possible contamination.

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